A sultry, sassy murder mystery.


The 'Girls' are ready for a night out!


Christmas as you have never seen it!.


Classic Comedy from a classic theatre company!


Murder most foul


A traditional family pantomime!


2019 Henceforward, The Ghost Train, The 39 Steps

2018 And then there were none, Father's Day, Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime

2017 Bouncers, Hitchcock Blonde, Puss in Boots

2016 Elementry My Dear, Last Tango in Little Grimley & Last Panto in Little Grimley, My Three Angels
2015 Sailor Beware, Who Dies Wins, Flint Street Nativity
2014 TV Heaven 2
2013 La Cage Aux Folles, Blackadder, Pygmalion
2012 When the Cats Away, TV Heaven, Hi De Hi!, They Came From Mars and Landed outside the Farndale Church Hall in Time for the Townswomen’s Guild’s Coffee Morning, Calendar Girls
2011 Out of Order, Shakers Re-stirred, We Found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figures Aboard the SS Farndale Avenue, Christmas Extravaganza !!!
2010 Haywire, Fawlty Towers, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Jack & the Beanstalk
2009 The Hound of the Baskervilles, Fawlty Towers, Anniversary, No Sex Please We’re British
2008 Brassed Off, I’ll Get My Man, Up ‘n’ Under, Tarzan & The Lost City
2007 ‘Allo ‘Allo, Busybody, See How They Run!, Goldilocks & The Three Bears
2006 The Rise & Fall of Little Voice, Frankenstein, The Love Match, The Importance of Being Earnest
2005 Secondary Cause of Death, Count Dracula, Bouncers, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
2004 An Inspector Calls, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, Are You Being Served?, Dick Barton in the ‘Tango of Terror’
2003 The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Hobson’s Choice, Fur Coat & No Knickers, Robin Hood
2002 Bedside Manners, Last Tango + Last Panto in Little Grimley, Dangerous Corner, Dick Barton Special Agent
2001 Don’t Dress for Dinner, Gasping, Jekyll and Hyde, The Unvarnished Truth
2000 Up and Running, Dial M for Murder, Lucky Sods, Robinson Crusoe
1999 Billy Liar, Murdered to Death, The Lesson + Last Will and Testament, Ghost Train
1998 Pardon Me Prime Minister, Party Piece, Amadeus, The Shop at Sly Corner
1997 A Night on the Tiles, Caught on the Hop, Having a Ball, My Three Angels
1996 Deathtrap, All in Good Time, Flying Feathers, Inspector Drake and the Time Machine
1995 When We Are Married, The Long the Short and the Tall, Time- Murderer Please, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
1994 Slaughter House, Bedroom Farce, Happiest Days of Your Life, A Christmas Carol
1993 Aladdin, Double Cut, Dry Rot, Phantom of the Op’ry
1992 Take Away the Lady, Family Planning, Winslow Boy, Best Laid Schemes
1991 Deadly Nightcap, Fur Coat and No Knickers, One for the Pot, Spring and Port Wine
1990 Nightmare, Reluctant Debutante, The Dresser, Pull the Other One
1989 Surprise Package, Welcome, A Sense of Guilt, Play On
1988 Celebration, See How They Run, Abigail’s Party, Nightwatch
1987 Sailor Beware, Keep Smiling Through, Not Now Darling, This Happy Breed
1986 Panic Stations, Fools Paradise, Laughter in the Dark
1985 Tomb with a View, Beside the Seaside, Poet and Pheasant
1984 The Late Mrs Early, Mystery at Greenfingers, Hot and Cold in All Rooms
1983 Blythe Spirit, Something to Hide
1982 Breath of Spring, Crystal Clear, Pool Paradise
1981 Strike Happy, The Camel’s Back, Murder Mistaken
1980 Cat on the Fiddle, Children’s Day, Small Hotel
1979 The Love Match, Gaslight, Hay Fever
1978 Billy Liar, As Long as They are Happy, Quiet Weekend
1977 Post Horn Gallop, Persons Unknown
1976 Wanted One Body, Friends and Neighbours
1975 Big Bad Mouse, Bride and the Bachelor
1974 Off the Rails, Night Must Fall
1973 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, Rebecca
1972 Semi-Detached, See How They Run
1971 Spring and Port Wine, Murder for the Asking, Goodnight Mrs Puffin
1970 The Full Treatment, I’ll Get my Man
1969 Busybody, The 10-5 Never Stops
1968 The Sky’s the Limit, House by the Lake, Don’t Utter a Note
1967 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here, If Four Walls Told
1966 Too Soon for the Daisies, Proof of the Poison
1965 Fools Paradise, House on the Cliffs
1964 To Kill a Cat, Poet and Pheasant, Tabitha
1963 Curious Savage, Doctor in the House, A Stylish Marriage
1962 Wanted One Body, Amorous Goldfish, Watch it Sailor
1961 A Policeman’s Lot, The 10-5 Never Stops, Strike Happy
1960 If Four Walls Told , Friends and Neighbours , Beside the Seaside
1959 Sailor Beware , The Love Match
1958 Devonshire Cream
1957 Love on the Never-Never
1956 Without the Prince, The Paper Chain
1955 Easy Money, A Stylish Marriage
1954 Murder at the Vicarage, Birds of Passage, A Certain Man, Displaced Person
1952 The Tragedy of Nan, The Dearly Departed, The Carrier Pigeon
1951 Prize Pigeon, Rose & Crown, The Carrier Pigeon

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